A Golden Jubilee: Precious Metals and Mining Stocks Skyrocket


What a week for the precious metals and mining stocks! Thursday was an outstanding day for gold and silver prices as measured against the plunging dollar. And Friday blew the doors off!

In fact, gold hit a high not seen since January 2015, closing at $1,293 on Friday.

And silver has really taken off.  It reached $17.95, up from $13.90 since the start of the year for a gain of  29% in just the last four months.


Our investment positioning is influenced heavily by Shemitah and Jubilee Year analysis.  Last year in a video, book, white paper and numerous articles, I explained the destructive seven-year cycle of Shemitah.

From studying past Shemitahs, I learned they were marked by economic and sociopolitical turbulence. By acting on this knowledge, we were able to anticipate the August 2015 market crash (where we netted subscribers 4,500% in just three days). Then the even deeper downturns of early 2016.

As our successes became known, we received thousands of additional TDV newsletters subscribers. I appeared on radio and TV programs worldwide, including PressTV just yesterday. My Shemitah analysis led me to the even more disastrous consequences (if you aren’t prepared) of Jubilee 2016, ongoing right now.

In March, I created a video about the Jubilee 2016 that you can see HERE.

We also offer a free White Paper summarizing the destructive ramifications of Jubilee. It provides important insights into how to protect yourself.  Because of our Jubilee analysis, we were well aware of what was going to be happening with gold and silver.

Here’s an excerpt:

We recommend everyone own a significant portion of their assets in precious metals.  While we suggest you hold a significant portion of them in your own holdings (within your own physical reach), we also suggest internationalizing them and holding them in different political jurisdiction to spread risk of confiscation.

We focused on mining shares as well:

For speculative purposes, owning shares in gold & silver miners could be the home run of the century as, when precious metals prices begin to skyrocket, the value of the mining company shares will rise exponentially.  In the last two major gold/silver stock bull markets in the 1930s and 1970s, gains of 10,000%+ were commonplace.

Those gains have already begun to occur.   Jubilee analysis shows us – and as we’ve been covering in our blogs, newsletters and alerts – 2016 is part of a major turning point. Things are changing.

That’s our Jubilee advantage. We understand where markets are heading before they get there.

We’ve already made ridiculously massive gains.

But, here’s the crazy part, if we are right, this is just the beginning.

For instance, TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos recently predicted  in an alert to subscribers that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) would not continue to ease. This was heresy to almost everyone else.  The entire market thought it was a given that they would ease.

But his prediction was fulfilled last week when the BoJ announced it would leave rates unchanged, sending the dollar plunging and shocking the markets worldwide. But we weren’t shocked. Ed’s recently purchased Yen currency options climbed fast, netting our TDV portfolio significant gains.  Just on Friday alone they were up 100%.  In one day.  Another triple digit gain (I’m losing count).

Ed sent out an alert on Thursday advising subscribers to begin to take profits on his incredible NUGT trade. But the position advanced from a 603% gain to a 1,000% gain before most could even have acted.

Here are just a few more recent trades:

-Ed’s silver calls are  up over 50% .

-A series of junior mining investments are up at least 400%.

-The mining pick we just issued yesterday is already up 50%.

Once again, subscribers are pouring in. Also grateful emails, posts and tweets.

Here’s the latest sampling from our private subcriber’s only FB group:

Facebook Testimonials 2 - The Dollar Vigilante

As you can see, one of our subscribers is up 250% and another paid off 90% of his debts with his profits.  And these are just two of many fortunate subscribers.

Of course we’re not done yet. Ed’s most exciting investment, as I mentioned earlier, is one we just announced Friday. It’s a hugely undervalued but very important junior miner with 5,000%+ potential that only Ed Bugos could find.  You won’t hear about it here though, it’s for subscribers only (subscribe to TDV Premium here).

We’re committed to the stock long-term. But since Ed announced his position the stock has already moved up some 50%.  When Ed Bugos talks, people listen… and act!  He’s been an icon in the mining analysis business since the 1990s.

It’s actually an honor that we have access to someone of his stature’s analysis and recommendations. He normally only works privately for billionaires… but he long ago made a commitment  to The Dollar Vigilante because he believes in the mission and TDV’s plan to expose the entire globalist, tyrannical financial system while profiting in the process.

Jubilee 2016 is providing us a pathway to profits even though its larger message is distressing.  And it won’t end this year either… although we think the world is going to look dramatically different by the end of this year.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride (join here).  It’s already been incredibly profitable and it is just getting started.

This is a critical time in human history. But together we will survive… and thrive.

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