What Happens In a Fascist Police State During a Snowstorm


I grew up in communist Canada, so the panic about the snowstorm currently hitting the Northeast US seems a bit funny to me.  Where I grew up, in the northern-most major city in Canada (a major city there is defined by having an NHL team), it was much colder and much snowier for about six months of the year, not just for a few days.

Of course, such a big storm is not supposed to exist because of “global warming”.  Al Gore, and climate “scientists” who want to implement a tax on the air people breath out of their mouths said in 2000 that soon kids would grow up without snow and that if there was snow it would be a “rare event.” But I’ve already exposed the Global Warming hoax years ago.

In the USSA, it doesn’t take much to tease out the fascism.  This time all it took was a snowstorm. New York, home to the seventh biggest army (of blue-uniformed road pirates) in the world prepared to do what New York is wont to do under almost any circumstance: kidnap people and put them in cages.

But what else would you expect from a place that will extort $250,000 from you should you use the wrong pronoun when referring to a man in a dress. (“NYC Will Fine You $250,000 For ‘Misgendering’ A Transsexual.”)

In the face of a very windy, snowy day, New York’s occupying forces resolved to punish people should they try to go outside and travel. In New Jersey, they went the other way.  Facing an emergency, officials magnanimously decided to let free market capitalism operate.

Governor-General Chris Christie generously allowed his tax slaves to shovel snow without permission (a license) from the government… but just this once and only because it’s an emergency. Yes, you read that right.  In order to shovel snow  in New Jersey you need to ask permission first. In normal times, it only costs $450 to receive permission to shovel snow for 180 days!  The 180 day permit being a bit of a cruel joke as there is no need for the permit in the other 180 days… they love to rub it in on the slaves.

I hope the storm continues longer, so I’ll learn more about the outrageous laws in the US that are either being applied or held in abeyance.  In some cases, though, you can find an uplifting tale from the last vestiges of free market capitalism that still manages to exist in the American soyuz.

The Duquense basketball team was stranded for 24 hours on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  While the government didn’t do much for them the team managed to contact Domino’s Pizza who valiantly delivered pizzas to them at the nearest overpass.

Luckily they weren’t in New York or everyone would have been arrested!

Socialists in the USSA were likely sickened by the greedy, profit-driven motives of Dominos, however.  Legislation is likely already in the works to make sure they don’t take advantage of an emergency situation like this again.

Watching all this it reminds me I don’t miss the winters… and I certainly don’t miss the fascism/communism even more!

I’m happy to watch it all from my flat screen TV on the beach in the freest country in North America, in one of the most anarchic cities in the world… Acapulco… or as I warmly call it, Anarchapulco.

Down here the government does make some laws… but for the most part nobody cares.  It’s the way it should be.

That’s also why we decided to host the world’s largest anarcho-capitalist conference here, called Anarchapulco.  And our TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit on the day before.

It’s coming up in just under a month.  Come on down to get a break from the fascist police state and the winter weather.  Everyone needs a break from fascism from time-to-time.

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