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CopyrightXchange, a new bitcoin company that wants to become the best way to make bitcoins! Forget faucets, forget casinos and forget the exchange rate guessing, copyrightXchange’s patent pending expanding and contracting resale market will redefine how bitcoins can be made!

So what is CopyrightXchange? CopyrightXchange reduces the time needed to resell to just seconds. Many resellers will buy goods, hoping to resell those same goods for a profit sometime in the future. CopyrightXchange cuts down the time you have to wait to resell an item for profit to mere seconds by limiting time and maximizing demand. When you resell an item on copyrightXchange, you’re presenting that item to dozens of potential buyers, who, in turn, are looking to resell that same item within a 10-minute window. Making a profit using copyrightXchange is fast and easy to understand.

Once the photo is sold, you get an instant payment of bitcoins according to your price class.

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