Simple Effective Marketing



I would like to share a story with you about the way you look at your business. In 1987 I had a vision. I was working for a small pest control business in Bankstown NSW Australia. I was working hard as a trainee pest controller after I had finished my trade as a mechanic. I wanted more out of life. I wanted to challenge myself to this vision and go beyond my abilities and training to take on a marketing idea. I approached the owner of the business and implemented the marketing system which was incredibly successful. From that day I have never looked back and what ever I touch, in no matter what industry turns to gold.

You see, I learned something that changed my life back in 1987 and it is this;

When you change your perception from I to you, incredible things happen. What I mean by this is you must not look at what you are selling from what you want. You must never allow this to happen. You look at what the client wants and only that. It’s so simple yet I encounter so many business people in my time. that focus on me.. me.. me… I this and I that.

When I started my own pest control business the phones rang off the hook and we grew to be very large. I now own a commercial cleaning business in Queensland and this same rule was applied. Our accountant said he has no other business on his books that has the growth rate of our current business and it took only a few years to have a million dollar business.

Is this the only thing I need to do in order to have a successful business you may ask… of course not, but I believe it is the main thing you should do. It is human instinct that you want people to care about you and your needs. Maybe next time you go to a party or meet someone new and they tell you about their miss fortunate situation try saying to them this… “and how did that make you feel” You will have a friend for life as you have just shown that person you are a carer not a listener. They will tell everybody that you are a real nice person. Do the same with your business listen to your clients needs and be responsive with your advertising in the right way and they won’t look any further for a quote.

Source by Andrew John Lee

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