Promotional Pens in Business Today


Promotional Pens and Writing Instruments have always been the most commonly used Advertising Gifts, the obvious reason being that they are universally acceptable and always “disappearing”. They seem to have a life of their own!

The range of Writing Instruments available has increased over the years – particularly since the 1980’s when the market began to grow rapidly.

The largest sector has always been the cheaper plastic pen many of which used to be produced in Germany. But as the market has grew Companies had the need for higher quality gifts for more important customers and events, so the range available now includes pens through all price ranges.

At the top end Brand Names such as Sheaffer, Mont Blanc, Parker, Cross and Waterman are firmly established in the Advertising Gift market and Papermate Pens are available as mid-priced option.

Given that Writing Instruments are available at all price points it naturally means they are available for all business gift purposes.

Cheap Pens (but dependable), are the stuff of exhibition give aways, product launches, and conference and seminar usage.

Mid range Pens are used as Business Gifts to better-known customers on a more personal basis.

The more expensive Pens, such as Parker, are used mainly for top customers as Executive Gifts.

Production of lower priced Pens has, like many other products, moved from Europe to the Far East enabling them to remain very good value for money.

It is probably true to say that production of those at the top end, price wise, have made a similar journey, well known High Street Brands having to remain competitive in the retail sector.

Recent developments in the Promotional Gift market have seen a greater movement towards four-color printing originally available only on paper products. Great strides have been made in screen-printing over the years making it possible to completely customize Promotional Pens. Notable names who lead the way are Bic and Parker Pens.

Prodir Pens, which are Swiss-made, have a four color option on one of their striking pen range and Senator Pens can roll-print a number of their cheaper plastic pens.

Pens, pens, pens – where do you start and finish? Well Promotional Writing Instruments have, first and foremost, to do their job. Cheap promotional pens must be cheap but also reliable. Mid-priced promotional pens have to do a little more – reliability with quality production and top-priced Pens should speak for themselves. There are a great many pens in the world and it is easy to take the wrong option. All that glisters is not gold.

Source by James Biggin

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