Sell Old Gold Jewellery For Cash to Survive the Recession


One thing that rarely slides much in value, no matter the strength or weakness of the economy, is that of valuable commodities such as precious stones and metals. Indicative of this, is the way in which the price of gold has rocketed; fuelling a flurry of activity in the trade. And this is something we can all take advantage by looking to sell old gold jewellery for cash.

A simple search through your sock drawer or even down the back of the sofa could turn up some welcome finds. Whilst having a rummage through your jewellery box could present you with a host of unworn and unsentimental rings that have long since fallen out of favour.

A word of caution is necessary though. So sudden and dramatic has the value of gold soared, the number of web based traders wanting you to sell old gold jewellery for cash has grown accordingly.

Many of these companies are not always all they may advertise to be. This is not to say these sites are fronts for criminal activities; but they are exploitative and looking to pay the minimum amount for a maximum return.

Spend a little bit of time researching the company you are considering selling your assets to. There are many long established refineries, with international accreditation, that have responsibilities and reputations to uphold.

From these bona fide companies, you will also be offered a fair price. Dealing directly with a refiner of precious metals, rather than a trader or middle man in the trade, you will ensure you maximise your profits when you sell old gold jewellery for cash.

Using such online services may make you a little wary, as they rarely are able to provide quotes online or over the phone. The reasoning is simple; as gold price fluctuates considerable from one day to the next. They also prefer to see the goods for professional analyses, rather than rely on guesswork. In essence, they deliver a more professional service through this way of working.

Customers should also be reassured by their use of Royal Mail special delivery to handle the transit of goods; whilst paying for post, packaging and insurance services. Greater encouragement still comes from the provision of a package tracking number, to allow you to check the status.

If you uncover an assortment of items such as; cufflinks, bracelets, rings and necklaces, all can be sent in using just the one prepaid padded envelope. However, if any of these items contain precious stones, it is best if you have these removed and separately appraised.

Whilst this process does take a little time, and is certainly slower than a high street gold trader, you can expect to receive your cheque within two or three days of the items being received. The amount you receive using this method to sell old gold jewellery for cash will be significantly higher than any retail offer. However, if you are not entirely happy with the amount and service, responsible companies offer no quibble return guarantees.

Source by Cesar Swaby

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